Rubik's cube patterns

These moves were either See also Mike Reid's patterns page, Jaap's patterns page (see also part 2 and part 3), and Mark Longridge's pattern archive page.

I thank Bruce Love and Simon Nolet for pointing out earlier mistakes on this web page.

  1. The 4 H pattern U2R2L2F2 B2U2R2L2 F2B2
  2. The 4 I pattern F2R2B2F2R2B2
  3. The 4 T pattern RLU2R-1L-1FBU2 F-1B-1U2
  4. The 4 Z pattern FBLRFBLRFBLRU2D2
  5. The 4 Z, 2 I pattern FBUDR-1L-1FBRLUDB-1F-1RL
  6. The 6 W pattern U-1R2D-1B-1DR-1 D-1BDR-1U RL-1FB-1UD-1RL-1 RL-1FB-1UD-1RL-1
  7. The 6 spot pattern RL-1FB-1UD-1RL-1
  8. The 6 L pattern FBUDR-1L-1FB
  9. The 6 X pattern -see pons asinorum
  10. The 6 plus pattern R-1L2F2B2U2 R2L2F2B2 D2R-1
  11. The 6 T pattern U2F2R2B2D2 F2D2R2D2F2
  12. The twisted duck feet pattern U-1R2D-1B-1DR-1 D-1BDR-1U
  13. Twisted edges pattern U-1R2D-1B-1DR-1 D-1BDR-1U RL-1FB-1UD-1RL-1
  14. Cube in a cube pattern D2F-1D2R2F RF-1RU2L-1BLD2 U2F
  15. double cube pattern BL-1D2LDF-1D2FD-1B-1
  16. meson pattern BL-1D2LDF-1D2FD-1B-1 F-1RU2R-1U-1BU2B-1UF
  17. four diagonals with plus on U+D faces F-1B-1RLF-1B-1 RLF-1B-1RL
  18. edge hexagon U-1R-1F2RF URU2R-1 F-1F-1U-1 R2URFUF2U-1R-1
  19. female rattlesnake R2L-1U2RLU2RU LF2L-1FD2F-1LF2 L-1U-1
  20. spotted anaconda (edge hexagon)*(six-spot)= U-1R-1F2RF URU2R-1 F2U-1 R2URFUF2U-1 L-1FB-1UD-1RL-1
  21. stripes C(R,F,D))B2C(R,F,D)-1C(L,B,D) F2C(L,B,D)-1F2 R2L2B2R, where C(x,y,z)=x2yzx2z-1x .
  22. pons asinorum L-1RU-1DL-1R U-1DL-1 RU-1D or F2B2U2 D2R2L2
  23. worm BRL-1D-1R2D LR-1B-1R2UB2U-1D R2D-1
  24. snake BRL-1D-1R2DL R-1B-1R2UB2 U-1DB2RLU2 L-1R-1B2D-1
  25. ELVA L2F2D2 L2D2 L-1 RU2L-1R-1
  26. DAVE L2F2D2U2 F2L-1R-1F2L R-1

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