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Chess teaches many things, including strategic thinking. Though one might think at first that this type of thinking is unrelated to mathematics, in fact, chess also teaches a type of "calculation" (see Soltis's book [4] for the exact idea). To anyone who thinks doing mathematics and playing chess are unrelated, this page is for you.

A paraphrase from the entry under Mathematics and Chess in [5]: In 1893, a Professor Binet (of Stanford-Binet IQ test fame) made a study of the connection between mathematics and chess. After questioning a large number of leading plyers, he discovered that 90% were very good mental calculators. On the other hand, he discovered that although mathematicians are often interested in chess, few become top-class players.... Professor Binet commented that both chess and mathematics have a common direction and the same taste for combinations, abstraction, and precision. One characteristic which was missing from mathematics was the combat, in which two individuals contend for mastery, with all the qualities required of generals in the field of battle.

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